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Online Reputation Management Agency Frequently Ask Question

How did my reputation get tarnished in the first place? Reputations are damaged for a number of reasons. For businesses, it is not uncommon for competitors to make false profiles online and attack your company to try and improve their own sales. Customers are eager to express negative thoughts following a mediocre experience with your brand, but are less likely to share their positive experiences. In some cases, blatantly hostile remarks may be made on blogs or in news articles simply because the author is biased or feels it will improve their readership. For individuals, the answer is a little bit different. Negative reputations online can come as a result of party photos, legal claims that are public such as bankruptcies, divorces or arrests, or may even come about because somebody with your same name has a negative personal record and now it is reflecting poorly on you. The possible situations are endless, but you can stop the effects of such content in their tracks. Reputation Advocate delivers the solutions. How will you track my progress? From the time you meet with us, we will help you to understand what reclaiming your online identity needs. Our clients participate in the participative creation of content that will be seen by everyone online while safeguarding personal information and privacy. Every client is assigned an account manager who acts as a day-to-day single point-of-contact for your project. Building your online identity and Digital Brand is done over time, so that end results are organic and long-lasting. More Info: http://www.onlinereputationmanagement-agency.com/faq.html See more: http://www.onlinereputationmanagement-agency.com/index.html